Wallpaper Removal Services


Wallpaper removal may look like an easy job, but it is way too time-consuming and technical to be done without a professional. Hence, you need to find the easier route and contact Painting City Chicago to help you with the simple and safer wallpaper removal. Some wallpapers are easy to remove by a trained person; others need technicians to spay on them and soften the paper to scratch it out. The mixture of warm water and enzyme-based remover works wonders in breaking down the adhesive to make the scraping easier. At our company, you will find experts in this kind of work and properly wash and remove the additional paint from the wall. Our painters will recommend you prime the wall with a coat of oil before applying any color to it to be clean and hygienic.

For wallpaper removal, we offer services like:

  • Wallpaper Stripping
  • Wallpaper Removers
  • Wallpaper Glue Removal
  • Remove Stripped Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper Removal and Painting
  • Painting Over Wallpaper
  • Remove Vinyl Wallpaper
  • Remove Old Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper Replacement
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